The 10 Best Simpsons Episodes to Watch Right Now

Explore the laughs and heart in Springfield's recent escapades with our pick of 10 Simpsons episodes that shine bright in the show's modern era!

By GamesRecon

The Simpsons is a show that has become nothing short of a cultural phenomenon since its debut back in 1989. With its iconic characters, witty humor, and often heartwarming family dynamics, it’s no wonder the show has found a cherished place in the hearts of viewers across the globe. As the longest-running American sitcom and the longest-running American animated program, “The Simpsons” has gifted us with laughter, tears, and a whole lot of D’ohs!

Now, when we talk about the modern era of The Simpsons, we often wade into a sea of mixed opinions. There’s a common narrative that suggests the show’s golden days are well behind it, with many fans clinging to the nostalgic glory of the earlier seasons. While it’s true that the charm of the 90s episodes holds a special place, it’s also undeniable that the modern era, with its attempt to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world, has delivered some episodes that are nothing short of brilliant. The humor is still sharp, the satire is still biting, and the heart of the show still beats strong.

In this article, we’ll venture into the modern escapades of our beloved Simpson family, exploring ten episodes that stand as testaments to the show’s enduring brilliance. Despite the waves of criticism, these episodes remind us why we continue to tune in, laugh, and see a bit of ourselves in the yellow-skinned, four-fingered residents of Springfield. Through ups and downs, “The Simpsons” continues to mirror society with a comedic twist, proving that even after three decades, it still has much to offer.

Criteria for Selection

Choosing the best Simpsons episodes right now is no small feat, given how many seasons we have already witnessed with the 35th one starting today. The modern era, for the sake of this article, is considered to span from season 20 onwards. This timeframe is chosen based on the shift in animation style to HD and the evolving narrative that reflects more contemporary issues and cultural references. It’s a period where our beloved show embraced the new while maintaining its quintessential Simpsons essence.

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Parameters for Selection:

  1. Humor: The heart and soul of the Simpsons lies in its humor. We looked for episodes that had us in splits, carrying the show’s trademark wit and comedic timing.
  2. Cultural Relevance: The ability to mirror society and present a satirical take on current events has always been a cornerstone of the show. Episodes that tapped into contemporary issues, pop culture, or societal norms scored high on our list.
  3. Storytelling: Good storytelling is like a well-cooked meal – satisfying, memorable, and leaving you wanting more. We searched for episodes with compelling narratives that either tugged at our heartstrings or tickled our funny bones (or both!).
  4. Character Development: We love the Simpsons family and the quirky residents of Springfield for who they are. Episodes that offered a deeper dive into the characters, showing growth or revealing unseen facets, caught our eye.

1. Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words (Season 20, Ep6)

Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words Episode

In “Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words” (Season 20, Episode 6), the delightful duo of father and daughter dive into the world of crosswords. Lisa discovers a knack for solving these word puzzles, while Homer finds a way to monetize her talent. Their sweet yet quirky journey through the ups and downs of competition and companionship is laden with humor, love, and a touch of life’s little lessons. It’s a heartwarming episode that showcases the unique bond between Homer and Lisa, wrapped up in a playful narrative that’s sure to leave you smiling.

2. The Squirt and the Whale (Season 21, Ep19)

The Squirt and the Whale Episode

In “The Squirt and the Whale”, the Simpson family dives into a heartwarming adventure when they discover a beached whale. With Lisa leading the charge, they rally to save the gentle giant, showcasing the tender, compassionate side of the Simpsons. This episode, filled with humor, emotion, and a touch of environmental awareness, is a beautiful ode to nature and the unyielding spirit of one little girl’s determination to make a difference. It’s a gentle reminder of the simple yet profound lessons The Simpsons continues to offer amidst laughter and love.

3. The Saga of Carl (Season 24, Ep21)

The Saga of Carl Episode

In this episode, the dynamics of friendship are hilariously tested when Carl absconds with a lottery ticket won by him and his pals. The adventurous chase to reclaim their fortune takes Homer, Lenny, and Carl’s childhood friend to Iceland, revealing a tale filled with humor, camaraderie, and a sprinkle of heartfelt moments. It’s a fun-filled escapade that explores trust, friendship, and the whimsical turns of fate.

4. Brick Like Me (Season 25, Ep20)

Brick Like Me Episode

In “Brick Like Me” (Season 25, Episode 20), Springfield takes a sudden turn into a Lego world, where Homer goes on a colorful journey to reconcile the brick reality with his flesh-and-bone existence. This episode is a delightful blend of humor, creativity, and heartfelt moments, showcasing a tender father-daughter bond amidst a playful Lego adventure.

5. Simpsorama (Season 26, Ep6)

Simpsorama Simpsons Episode

In “Simpsorama” (Season 26, Episode 6), a delightful crossover unfolds as the futuristic fun of “Futurama” melds with the quirky charm of Springfield. When Bender travels back in time to eliminate Bart, fearing his antics threaten the future, whimsical chaos ensues. As the Simpsons join forces with the Planet Express crew, they navigate a rollercoaster of adventures, laughter, and unexpected camaraderie. It’s a playful fusion of two iconic worlds, wrapped in humor and heart, reminding us of the timeless appeal and comedic brilliance in both universes.

6. Halloween of Horror (Season 27, Ep4)

Halloween of Horror Episode

In Halloween of Horror, Lisa becomes frightened at Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, leading Homer to take down his spooky decorations. Yet, the tale takes a twist when Halloween pop-up employees seek revenge on Homer, causing some spooky troubles for the Simpson family.

7. Gone Boy (Season 29, Ep9)

Gone Boy Episode

In this episode, Springfield dives into a whirlwind of adventure and emotions when Bart suddenly goes missing. The episode unfolds with Milhouse keeping Bart’s location a secret to get closer to a grieving Lisa, adding a dash of humor and youthful innocence to the mysterious scenario. Yet, the plot thickens as Sideshow Bob enters the scene, showing an unexpected side of him. Instead of plotting against Bart, he takes the lead in searching for his longtime nemesis, showcasing a quirky camaraderie that has the town (and us viewers) both puzzled and entertained.

Gone Boy is a rollercoaster of emotions and humor, reminding us of the captivating storytelling and character dynamics that continue to keep “The Simpsons” a cherished part of our viewing routine. Through every twist and turn, this episode delivers a blend of laughter, suspense, and a touch of heart, making it a memorable ride in the current time of the Simpsons.

8. Sorry Not Sorry (Season 32, Ep9)

Sorry Not Sorry Episode

In Sorry Not Sorry, Lisa’s heartfelt apology at school becomes the talk of the town, shining a light on the sincere art of saying “I’m sorry.” Amidst laughs and a warm message about empathy, this episode delivers a playful peek into the power of apologies, packed with the classic Simpsons humor we all adore.

9. Pixelated and Afraid (Season 33, E12)

Pixelated and Afraid Episode

In the Pixelated and Afraid Simpsons episode, our beloved Simpson family finds themselves in a digital realm where reality blurs with pixels. As they navigate through quirky challenges and whimsical adventures, there’s laughter, love, and a healthy dose of existential humor awaiting at every pixelated turn. It’s a delightful yet thought-provoking episode that pokes fun at our modern digital era while warming our hearts with the Simpsons’ enduring bond amidst a pixel-infused reality.

10. Treehouse of Horror XXXIII (Season 34, Ep6)

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII Episode

In the whimsical yet eerie “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” (S34, E6), the Simpsons enchant us with three spine-tingling tales. While “The Pookadook” may fade from memory, the anime-styled surrealism of “Death Tome” captivates. Yet, it’s “SimpsonsWorld” that steals the show! Here, robot clones relive the family’s golden age antics to public delight, much to the real Simpsons’ dismay, who yearn to break free from their past’s looping echo. It’s a clever, self-reflective romp into nostalgia, blending the classic Simpsons humor with a fresh, introspective spin.