Some of the Best Online Games You can Play with Friends

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Online Games are a great way to keep in touch with your friends. Even better, if they are free, because then everyone can join in. There are lots of funny games available online for free. This article will be an overview on some great games available for everyone and will crown the best free online games.

During the pandemic lots of online games received a lot of attention, because many people simply had no other way of staying in touch with their besties. But these games were very popular even before the outbreak of covid. Many people have realised how convenient online games can be. All you must do is to open a website in your browser that offers a certain kind of game. With the wider use of smartphones, online games to pass time became available everywhere at any given time.

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All kinds of games are available online.

Experience the Classic Game Monopoly and It’s Alternatives Online

There are for example online adaptations of real-life table or card games. The world-famous game Monopoly for instance is featured on many different sites in slightly different versions. All share the core idea of monopoly. This game can be a lot of fun and can easily last for several hours.

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But it does come with its risks. Monopoly has the potential to be quite demanding on your friendship. It usually ends with one person ruling the entire board, while the others struggle to pay their bills. Our advice is, not to play with people, whom you know to be bad losers.


Card games are also beloved in the online community. The most famous online card game is without a doubt poker. There are countless sites where you can play poker online, against other players, or, if wished, also against an AI. Playing against AI opponents can help you to improve your skills before taking on your friends in a nice poker night. Most sites use a lobby system, where one player creates a room, to which other players can join via a personal link or code. Like this, it is ensured that no uninvited players join your game and potentially ruin your experience.

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Contrary to popular belief, playing Poker online is not at all a way into dangerous online gambling sites. Most online Poker offers don’t let you play with real money, only with fictional money.

Drawing Games

Something completely different to your classical board games are the various drawing games that are available online. The basic variant has one player drawing while the others try to guess what his artwork is meant to be. The amazing thing is, that everyone sees the drawing develop in real time. The players can give their suggestions at any time and when every player has figured out what the artist is trying to draw, the round ends. Players get awarded points according to the order in which they made the correct guess. The Artist gets points awarded based on the number of people that guessed correctly. He is derby forced to draw in a way that people can see what he is trying to do.

Depending on the talent of the players involved, funny and odd-looking paintings can emerge from a round of the drawing game. Usually, it is a lot of fun for all players involved. It is however suggested to play those games on a computer, notebook or tablet, as smartphone screens are simply too small to draw nice pictures on them.  All these types of games are available on various sites on the internet for free. But now there is a site that combines all the best free online games on one site. Combines All the Best Games

On, you can create one lobby for up to 20 people and play with them all kinds of different games for hours. Within one lobby, you can play the creator’s adaptation of the classical board game Capitalista, but also many card games like an alternative version of Uno, the German version of Rummy, or Texas Hold´em Poker are available on the site. After each round you can switch to another game to play, without the necessity of creating a new lobby. All you friends can stay right where they are to continue your fun game night.

Drawing Games on

The site also features many games that first emerged in online communities. The drawing game for example is featured on under the simple name “guess drawing”. It’s very accessible from the beginning and guaranteed to bring you a fun time. Other greats are GeoClash and Categories. Those games are directed to the geography nerds among us. GeoClash shows the player a 360-degree video of locations all around the world. The goal is to determine where on the Globe the video was taken. Some places are easy to identify, but there are some tough nuts in the game. The goal of Categories is to find as many words as possible starting with a given letter. The Categories can be selected in advance. It usually includes the categories city, river, country and many more.

The Deduction Game on

A true highlight on is the social deduction game “Werewolf”. If you can mobilise a larger group, it can be fun for several hours. The game is set in a mediaeval village, which is haunted by werewolves. At least one player gets the role of the werewolf assigned and the other players, the peasants, must figure out who it is. It is a true game of intrigue and lies.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

So, if you are looking for a place to play the best free online games with your friends, look no further. is the only site you will need as it combines so many games. Most of the games mentioned in this article can be played on other sites, but they only focus on one game only. therefore has a clear advantage over other game sites. It even offers a level progression system that rewards players for coming back. The developers are active and constantly add new games and offer full support on their discord server. The site offers full mobile support and even has an app for Android and IOS. You can play with players on PC and mobile all together at once. Fun on truly has no boundaries.

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