Three Slot Gaming Characteristics That All “Conservative” Reel Spinners Must Identify Before Playing

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Video slots are one of the oldest forms of casino gaming in the world. Yet interestingly, these games are still some of the most popular of all casino games by quite some distance. This is due to a combination of factors ranging from simple gameplay to remarkable payouts. As an added bonus, these games are often linked to some pretty awesome promotions, for which you can click for more information right now.

However, not all slot games operate in the same manner. In fact, they all have varying degrees of variance and expected payouts. So, what do you do if you’re a gamer who enjoys more conservative slots? Well, you must identify the characteristics of games that won’t produce such stomach-churning variance, which brings us to three main elements we wish to highlight.

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Low Bet Minimum

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many slot gamers don’t think of this particular element. Of course, the lower the supported bet minimum for a slot game, the less exposure/risk you have with each spin of the reels. This automatically gives conservative players a favorable entry point. For example, if you find a game that has a $0.01 bet minimum compared to a $0.10 bet minimum, you could get 1000 spins from $10 as opposed to 100.

This doesn’t factor in any winning spins either, which is practically impossible if spinning the reels 100 or 1000 times.

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Low Variance

Although the supported bet minimum must be identified and addressed when finding conservative slot games, there is another, more important area to consider. This is referred to as “variance”, or “volatility” in certain parts of the world. Both terms mean the same thing, and they indicate the expected win rate when spinning the reels for a particular game. However, this isn’t the only thing that variance indicates, for it also gives us an idea of how large or small wins might be when they materialize.

There are three variance levels that can be assigned to slot games too: low, medium, or high. For conservative gamers, low-variance games are ideal as they should produce regular yet small wins. Such a setup is ideal for lengthy gaming sessions without too much risk involved.

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High Return to Player (RTP)

At this point, you know that two characteristics to look out for include a low bet minimum and low variance. But there is one missing piece to the puzzle—a high RTP or “return to player”. This is expressed as a percentage, and it indicates (on average) what portion of the money received is paid back to players. The higher the RTP for any game, the more frequently you can expect to win.

With that said, what kind of RTP figures should you have in mind? Well, any slot game that has an RTP of 95% or above is generally considered a rather conservative game, which should produce frequent returns regardless of your chosen bet size.

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