Recent Elden Ring Patch Addresses NPC Quest, A Multiplayer Issue, and An Ash of War

By GamesRecon

It was discovered that a bug in the game’s code permitted attackers to damage the host system. This has since been resolved in the newest Elden Ring patch.

An unending fall animation or game freezing might be caused by invading PCs, which could be caused by teleporting to another section of the map.

The latest patch 1.03.2 from FromSoftware fixes the problem. It is now downloadable on PS4 and PS5, Xbox, and Steam.

In addition to fixing the Endure Ash of War and the traverse point at Bestial Sanctum, the patch corrected a problem that prevented many players from proceeding in Nepheli Loux’s quest.

The following is the complete list of patch notes:

  • Nepheli Loux’s quest line can now be progressed after a glitch was fixed.
  • Playable characters will no longer die when attempting to drop from an area near Bestial Sanctum due to a bug.
  • Ash of War, Endure was unable to take effect due to a problem that has already been fixed.
  • Corrected inaccurate map coordinate teleportation due to a fault in multiplayer.

An infamous hacker still is able to infiltrate and soft-ban players, as he has since the release of Dark Souls 3. On March 23, the PlayStation and Steam servers will be down for server maintenance, but the company has also issued a few other fixes and declared server downtime for PlayStation and Steam.

A month after Elden Ring’s worldwide debut, users are still discovering new features, such as a concealed wall that dissipates after 50 hits.

Many bizarre tales have emerged as a result of the game’s cultural impact, including one about players finding a pair of brand underwear hidden within the game. On top of all that, a notorious hacker is on the prowl for naive gamers, and the company behind the game even produced an outrageous commercial.