PS5 Restock: PS5 Digital Bundles are Back in Stock

By GamesRecon

While it’s doubtful that you will discover a PS5 in stock at big stores, the condition is getting closer to that of the Xbox Series X. For now, PS5 consoles aren’t flying off the shelves in minutes. That can happen on some suppliers, but you can still find the consoles on at most one of the bigger retailers. We hope that the idea of PS5 restocking will become obsolete soon, but we’re keeping an open mind.

The PlayStation 5 has been restocked several times this week, most notably via PlayStation Direct. However, each refill was gone entirely from the stock within a few hours. The physical PS5 discs more frequently come back than the digital consoles. If you are looking for PS5 Digital bundles, Antonline currently offers many of them.

PlayStation 5 Digital Horizon: Forbidden West ($450) plus a second DualSense controller ($75) and the genuine PS5 Media Remote ($30) are included in every combo. There is no difference in price between purchasing the three items separately and purchasing the bundle (both cost $555 total). However, a spare controller is always welcome, and the remote is helpful for stream and Blu-ray playback.

We are keeping an eye out for the official PS5 bundle restocks other than the individual models. A PS5 regular package may be purchased for $550, whereas you can buy a PS5 digital bundle for $450.

PS5 Console – Horizon Forbidden West Bundle

PS5 Digital Horizon Forbidden West Bundle

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