Top Reasons Why Playing Video Games has Positive Effect on Your Brain

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Surely you will agree that computer games are more popular today than ever. Their diversity is increasing every day. In the mid-2010s, doctors and neuroscientists conducted a joint study in which it was proved that games improve vision. In addition, they develop memory, reaction, and mindfulness.

Why Playing Video Games is Good: Top 5 Reasons

Below, find out more about why playing video games is good for your brain.

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Improvement of Spatial Orientation, Memory, Strategic Planning, and Fine Motor Skills

In 2013, researchers from the Institute for Human Development of the Max Planck Society (Germany) conducted a series of experiments. As a result, it was concluded that video games cause an increase in brain areas responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning, as well as fine motor skills. Compared to the control group, the gaming group showed an increase in gray matter, which contains the cell bodies of nerve cells in the brain. This was detected by MRI.

Plasticity effects were observed in the right hippocampus, right prefrontal cortex, and cerebellum. These areas of the brain are involved in functions such as spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning, and fine motor skills of the hands.

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Development of Attention and Concentration Indicators

There are a number of studies that show that gamers have better attention indicators and better concentration. Shooter fans find it much easier to filter incoming information and concentrate on a specific task. They don’t get distracted as often as people who don’t like such games. However, gamers who like other genres do not show such abilities. They have average attention indicators.

Compared to non-gamers, gamers have a larger volume and a wider attention span. They have better indicators of selectivity and concentration on relevant information, less prone to the effect of attention flickering. So, it can be expected that such shooter-loving players are better drivers on real roads, as it also requires concentration on important objects.

Increased Reaction Speed, Visual-Motor Coordination

Compared to their non-gaming peers, gamers demonstrate faster reaction time and better switching between tasks. They have better visual-motor coordination. They also have the ability to work with large amounts of information, and more efficiently perform the task of estimating the number of objects in a group without counting and tracking the movement of many objects.

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Training the cognitive abilities of gamers is not limited to the visual modality. Gamers are also more accurate than non-gamers in tasks to determine the order of presentation of rapidly changing stimuli of different modalities. This indicates training of perceptual accuracy in different sensory modalities.

Development of Systemic Thinking Skills

Strategy games are positively evaluated by most researchers. Their main advantage is the development of systemic thinking skills. The player does not see the entire field at once and is forced to build an image of it. The size of the image exceeds the volume of consciousness. Therefore, working with the image is subjectively felt as the influence of unconscious impulses on the decision-making process, which can be described by the word “intuition”.

Gamers have a better distribution of visual attention. They can track more moving objects. Their memory improves. A number of researchers note the high ability of gamers for predictive thinking and planning. If you want to develop these skills, playing video games is a must.

Satisfying the Social Needs of a Person

Games satisfy many social needs of people. In online games, you can find new peer friends, which can later turn into relationships in the real world. A person feels successful and efficient when manages to surpass another player. When playing video games, the player experiences a sense of autonomy, feeling only personal control over what he is doing.


Thus, the positive effects of video games are varied. Thanks to games, a person can find communication, as well as receive positive emotions, improve reactions, and adapt socially. In addition, involvement in an active game process contributes to the development of memory, thinking, and attentiveness, and teaches how to find a way out of difficult situations. Such skills are very important for every modern person.

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