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Bubble Shooter is an online game. It is a copy of the Puzzle Bobble arcade game that was released by Taito in 1994. Bubble Shooter game is owned by Ilyon Dynamics after it was taken over by Absolutist, who released the original game in 2002.

The developers create online games for people who are crazy about playing games.
This game has been specially curated to let online players have an ultimate free online gaming experience.
Players can play the game as guests or visitors and there are no restrictions of time and place. It’s a timeless classic game built for all age groups in order to give them the best gaming experience.

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A Game Built for Gamers By Gamers

Bubble Shooter online is a game that is loved by people all over the world as we know that it’s played by all age groups. The game is specially built for game lovers and the developers themselves love to play games online so they created this one.

It is a level-based game that gives new designs and challenges on each increasing level. It not only excites the gamer but provides them with different challenges.

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Moreover, the developers have specially made this game for online game players without any fuss of downloading it.

The Rules of Bubble Shooter: How to Play Online

  • To play bubble shooter online, you require to open the game website.
  • Go to Google bar and type bubble shooter and open the game.
  • When you open the Bubble Shooter game you will see bubbles on your screen.
  • You are supposed to pop them! At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a bubble cannon with a colored bubble.
  • With the help of the Bubble Shooter cannon, you are supposed to aim and kill or finish all of the bubbles on the screen.
  • All you have to do is notice three bubbles of the same color and aim to kill them.
  • Use the click of the mouse to move the Bubble Shooter cannon in a given direction in order to shoot the right-colored bubble into the same colored bubbles. That’s your desired spot.

Let’s take an example you see two red bubbles on the right side of your screen, and your bubble shooter cannon has a blue bubble ready to launch. Point the bubble shooter cannon at those two bubbles on the right side. After pointing and setting your aim you gotta fire the cannon by touching the screen. The aimed red bubble touches the other two red bubbles, they’ll pop and disappear. Once you pop all the bubbles on the entire screen, you win the level.

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The game automatically moves to the next level.

Here is a tip for you:

Try to pop bubbles that have bubbles under them Once you pop a bubble, all bubbles under them that aren’t connected to other unpopped bubbles will be removed from the screen.

The Rules Of Bubble Shooter- How To Play Online

Is Bubble Shooter Available on All Devices?

The developers have upgraded Bubble Shooter so that it can be enjoyed on all devices. Free online games have been released on your mobile devices as well. Hurry up and start playing.

You can now share your score with your online friends and I would like to give a friendly warning that this game is addictive and you might not leave your computer screens.

Now you can play the game in different ways

If you love to play games online and want to have an ultimate gaming experience, then you’re going to love this game.
The developers have built various variations of the classic Bubble Shooter game. I assure you that you’ll never get bored. Once you master classic Bubble Shooter, you must try your hand at Bubble Shooter Pro—or combine TWO all-time classic games with Bubble Shooter CANDY and Bubble Extreme.

More information on playing Bubble Shooter:

This game gets intense and interesting as you move ahead and complete levels.
Here are a few more tips to ace playing:

  • Look for combo shots
  • Aim near the borders
  • Try to pop the bubbles fast.
  • Play strategically
  • Finish playing one level and play the next one, there’s no end to this game.

What are you waiting for, start playing the game right now!

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