Path of Exile 2: Breaking Down the New Classes

A sneak peek from ExileCon 2023.

By GamesRecon

I have some juicy tidbits from ExileCon 2023 for you. We got a glimpse of two pretty amazing characters and a hint of what’s brewing in the PoE currency department. Let’s deep dive into it!

The New Faces of Path of Exile 2

From what GGG’s been teasing, we’re looking at a whopping 12 main classes for PoE 2. And if the intel from the Path of Exile website holds up, we’re gearing up for three Ascendancy specializations for each class. Quick math: that’s 36 Ascendancy classes to get lost in! While we’re still in the dark about some of these, let’s tackle the ones we do have a handle on.


Spellcasters, rejoice! The Sorceress is your go-to for elemental mayhem. She’s got staffs for days, each bringing a unique flavor to the table. GGG demoed this badass lady dropping a monstrous Comet skill. Each staff now comes with its own free elemental basic attack. Think fire staffs with a fireball that costs nada.

And here’s a Ziz-tip: Watch out for the passive, Arctic Armor. The Sorceress gets beefier defenses the longer she stands her ground. Plus, there’s this cool Mana Tempest skill which might play around with your mana but amps up your spells in return.


For those who love being up close and personal, the Monk’s got you covered. This melee DPS class seems to have taken a page from the Dark Souls playbook with mechanics reminiscent of poise meters. The Monk’s move set is superfluid, and yes, you can freeze bosses! Just gotta build it up slowly and steadily.

A Glimpse into the Unknown

While GGG’s been a bit hush-hush, here are some classes they’ve teased:

  • Huntress: Seems like a classic ranger archetype. Bows, arrows, and maybe some traps?
  • Mercenary: I’m getting duelist vibes here. A master of blades, perhaps?
  • Druid: Think templar but with a dash of nature. Mobility is the name of the game.
  • Warrior: This one’s probably our bread-and-butter melee class. Think marauder-style brawn.

GGG’s left us guessing about the remaining six classes. There was a whisper about a Templar, but nothing’s set in stone. But here’s the kicker: GGG hinted at dual classes for each combo of strength, intelligence, and dexterity. And if you’re itching for a visual treat, check out the ExileCon reveals on GGG’s official PoE YouTube.