Overwatch 2 Venture’s Game Breaking Bug Leads to Infinite Point Contest Exploit

A recent bug in Overwatch 2 lets Venture to indefinitely contest points, causing endless matches.

By GamesRecon

Overwatch 2 fans hold on to your seats because we discovered a game-altering bug that has the community scratching their heads. More than just a standard glitch, the new DPS hero, Venture, has gotten himself into quite a dangerous proverbial sticky wicket.

However, the newest Overwatch 2 hero on the block, Venture, has been making the headlines very recently, but probably not for the reasons Blizzard had hoped. He has a bug related to him that is breaking the game for real. Imagine this: A venture that could contest a point infinitely without anyone seeing. Sounds wild, right?

The Overwatch 2 streamer KraandopOW posted on X (formerly Twitter), shows the strange behavior. Here, Venture demonstrates his ability to burrow underground in the clip. While his teammate Mei throws up one with an Ice Wall, sending Venture up to appear elsewhere on the map in a surprising way. But then the bug triggers and Venture does not show up again – he never leaves the underground.

While Venture is chilling underground, he can’t attack, but he also can’t be attacked. However, he continues to contest the point. This creates an absurd situation where the opposing team can’t capture the point, leading to a frustratingly endless contest as long as Venture remains MIA. It’s not just some slight inconvenience, this kind of bug is a plague that throws the whole balance of the game. It turns matches into endless stalemates where teams with a bugged Venture have a weird advantage of not being able to lose the point unless they choose to.

At the time of this post, Blizzard has not provided any official comment about how they are responding to this exploit. History indicates that they could take it off the roster similar to how they did with heroes such as Illari and Mei when they experienced their game-breaking issues. They fix phenomena like this under the hood and bring the heroes back once the dust has settled.

For those of you running into this problem in your matches, here’s a little tip: Bring Hanzo along. His Dragonstrike is one of the few abilities that can go underground, potentially hitting Venture even when he’s bugged.

We are all just waiting until Blizzard can get this sorted. Here’s to a quick resolution so Venture gets back in fair shape how it should be, and competitive integrity in Overwatch 2 re-established.