OSRS Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire Walkthrough

Navigate puzzles, tackle tough bosses, and get into expansive lore in the grandmaster quest, Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire in OSRS.

By GamesRecon

The most expected quest of the year, and of the past few years of that matter, has finally been launched o July 26th. The fourth grandmaster level quest, Desert Treasure II, will challenge you on multiple levels, from skills to puzzles to bosses, and will give you deep and extensive lore through dialogues, continuing the fascinating storyline you started in Desert Treasure 1. This time, instead of collecting 4 diamonds, you must collect 4 medals and fight four ferocious bosses.

Starting Out

To start the quest, you will need level 75 Firemaking, 75 Magic, 70 Thieving, 62 Herblore, 60 Runecraft, and 60 Construction, and none of these levels are boostable. On top of this, you will need to have completed:

  • Desert Treasure 1
  • Secrets of the North
  • Enakhra’s Lament
  • Temple of the Eye
  • The Garden of Death
  • Below Ice Mountain
  • His Faithful Servants

You might also end up spending some OSRS GP to prepare for the quest since you will need several items, including teleportation items, combat gear for all three combat styles, supplies such as food, potions, and a means to conserve and restore your run energy, and given the fact that all of the bosses are challenging you should also consider you might need to pay grave fees in case you don’t manage to use your emergency teleport and die during boss fights. For this, I recommend checking the OSRS gold price if you don’t have that much currency.

To start the quest, make sure you’re on the Ancient Spellbook and head to Nardah, then West of Nardah, and go through the dialogues. Here’s where you must bring the four medals you’ll obtain after fighting each of the four bosses. Head to the dig site and complete the NPC interactions there, then head down the east wrench, where you’ll have your first miniboss fight and puzzle. They are only a warm-up for the rest of the quest.

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The first boss you’ll need to face is Vardorvis. Still, before you can face him, you will have to roam around the Kingdom of Koureand and solve some puzzles in the new area south of Mount Quidamortem, which will be more challenging to reach if you haven’t unlocked the Xeric’s Honour Teleport. Once done with the preparation, you will have to fight Vardorvis.

He attacks with melee and is vulnerable to slash damage. One of the best weapons against him is the Fang from Tombs of Amascut, combined with your best melee strength gear. Having your protect from melee on will mitigate all of the damage from his Basic attacks, but one of his special attacks will turn off your prayer. Another challenge when facing him is dodging the axes that spawn in the arena where you fight him. If you fail the fight, you will have quite a long run back to him, even though after the first attempt, you will unlock two shortcuts that drastically reduce the run time.

The Leviathan

After returning the first medallion to the statute east of Nardah, you’ll need to head to the Guardians of the Rift minigame. Once you enter through the portal, you’ll have a guardian who will teleport you to the Scar on the west and a bank chest on your east. This can be useful if you fail your first and subsequent attempts at the boss.

Before facing the boss, you must go through three different scar caves, each containing three puzzles you must solve. After solving each of the three puzzles, you can bank and restock. None of the puzzles is hard, but they all require a long time to solve and loads of running around.

Duke Sucellus

This is by far the easiest of the four, and you will gain access to him once you complete a very long puzzle inside the Ancient prison under Weiss. The best weapon against him is Arclight, and you should flinch the boss from behind the east or west pillar. Every time you face him, you will need to awaken him with a poison you’ll make from items you find in the room, so you’ll have two of the inventory spots taken by a mortar and pestle and a pickaxe. Bring Arceuus’s spellbook, resurrect a melee thrall to help with the damage, and flinch the boss while dodging his poison clouds specials.

The Whisperer

The Whisperer is the final boss of the quest. Before facing him, you must navigate a deeper and more complex level of the Ruins of Camdozaal which looks amazing and where you can access a second dimension that will drive you insane. You’ll have a sanity meter and need to retrieve various items from the other dimension.

The Whisperer is vulnerable to Magic and attacks you with magic and range. The challenge consists of swapping your prayer, dodging his tentacle attacks, and freezing him with ice spells after his special attacks that take you into another dimension. He is a very mechanically complex boss, but you’re almost done with the quest after defeating him. You’ll have to attempt to return the medallion, have a few easier fights, go through some more dialogues, watch another cutscene, and voila!