5 Ways Beginners Can Stay Safe When Gaming Online

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With the global online gambling market growing consistently, it’s logical that the activity is slowly gaining traction in different regions. New Zealand is one country seeing an influx of gambling websites. Casino games have become as popular as video games. Individuals who want to get into online casino gaming have more than enough choices. This gambling variety is an advantage for Kiwis but it also has some downsides. Gaming on the web exposes players to various security threats. Online casinos require a lot of personal data, not to mention the funds they have to move, which makes them prime targets for different types of attacks. For this reason, players must be careful how they use gambling websites.

If you are using an online casino for the first time, then you might not be familiar with the security measures players have to apply. Operators do their part to protect customers, but players are responsible for their actions as well. Without adequate knowledge, you might compromise your safety and ruin your gambling experience. Dropping the ball on basic security practices could leave you vulnerable, and bad actors are only too eager to cash in. As a novice gambler, you might feel like you have too many things to learn, but security is one element you cannot afford to ignore. The following simple measures can help keep you safe at NZ online casinos.

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Only Play at Licensed Sites

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many newbies don’t take this advice seriously. Don’t be one of them. Choosing a casino is the most critical decision you will make in your gambling journey. Due to the popularity of iGaming, many shady operators attempt to take advantage of inexperienced gamblers. So, when picking where to play online pokies for real money, stick to licensed platforms. Some casinos will claim to be registered but don’t provide any information to prove it. A legitimate website will have its license number and its licensing authority indicated on the footer.

The reason you should only use registered gambling sites is that regulatory authorities evaluate operators before awarding licenses. Agencies like the UKGC, GGC, and MGA have standards that casinos must meet. Therefore, you can be sure a licensed operator strives to protect its customers. Also, you have an impartial third party to turn to in case of casino misconduct. For example, if you believe a gaming site compromised your data, you can raise the issue with its regulator.

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Verify Website Security

Just because a gaming site has a license doesn’t mean you should trust it blindly. The point of this guide is to make you proactive about your online safety. Hence, confirm that a gambling platform is secure before using it. Firstly, check the encryption. Any reputable site has SSL encryption, which establishes a secure connection between the user and the server on the receiving end. Therefore, when you send information, it’s only available to authorized parties. When visiting an online casino, check the address bar for a padlock icon to verify encryption. Alternatively, check if you are on an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connection.

Activate Two FA

Almost every legitimate gambling website offers two-factor authentication. This feature provides additional security to your account. Most platforms require you to activate it, and you should. With 2FA, a site asks for more than one way to log in. After entering your password, you might need to verify your identity. Usually, this process involves sending a code to your registered phone number. 2 FA makes it hard for bad actors to access your account unless they have your second device. Now that you understand what two-step verification means for your online safety, don’t ignore it when a website recommends it.

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Practice Password Hygiene

The first rule of online security is to create strong passwords, and yet, many people still neglect to do so. Understandably, coming up with unique passwords can be tedious when you have a dozen other accounts. However, weak passwords leave you vulnerable. You should be particularly careful if you use multiple casino sites. Avoid securing more than one account with the same phrase. Use a password manager to generate and store your passwords. The app does all the work. So, don’t combine your pet’s name and your surname to use as login credentials. Another way to stay safe online is to stop your browser from remembering passwords. Sure, the ‘Save Password’ function is useful when you don’t want to monitor multiple credentials, but that’s why you got the manager. You can’t be certain that your browser won’t give up your passwords to other websites.

Protecting Your Devices

Do you play on your computer? Smartphone? Tablet? Whatever device you use, ensure it has the necessary protections. Firewalls prevent malicious access to your device. When roaming the internet, you may not always end up on secure websites. With a firewall, you can be confident that your browser doesn’t let you visit dubious sites. Your computer should have antivirus software to safeguard against viruses. Update the software regularly to make sure it’s working optimally. Pop-up ads are the most common ways hackers exploit vulnerabilities on internet-enabled devices. So, activating an ad blocker on your PC or mobile device is good practice.

As fun as gaming online can be, whether it’s video games or casino games, you must be careful. Online activity of any kind exposes you to numerous threats that can ruin your life. Therefore, learn how to stay safe on gambling websites and other platforms, especially if you are a beginner. Ensure you practice basic online security to avoid falling prey to hackers and other bad actors.

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