Nintendo Switch is Surpassed by PS5 as the UK’s Best-Selling Console of 2022

By GamesRecon

As we predicted, PS5 sales in the UK are skyrocketing since Sony can finally meet demand. Nearly two years since the console’s launch, supply has improved to acceptable rates. As a result, the PlayStation 5 has already outsold the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

GfK statistics show that PS5 had another successful month in the UK in August, with supplies rising by 56% from the previous month.

That has led to Sony’s console being the year-to-date UK’s best-selling console so far. This system is a step up from the Nintendo Switch. The sales of Nintendo’s console were up by 4 percent in August.

The Xbox Series X/S continued to sell well last month, although they ranked third on the list. There was a 20% increase in sales from July to August, with almost 125,000 units moving off shelves in the United Kingdom.

Following a significant increase in stock throughout August, Christopher Dring announced on Twitter that the PlayStation 5 had surpassed the Nintendo Switch as the best-selling console in the UK for 2022.

The PlayStation 5 was initially launched in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe in November 2020 but has been afflicted by supply constraints since that. The wide spread of COVID-19 is mainly responsible for the scarcity of vital elements.

In its most recent financial presentation, held this summer, Sony revealed that 21.7 million consoles had been shipped around the globe.