Navigating Online Slots: Expert Strategies for Success in the UK

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Online slot machines might look easy to play, but that’s often not the case. The gameplay mechanics can be simple, but the overall gameplay requires more than just setting a wager and spinning the reels.
There are different steps involved in enjoying slot games from start to finish. But since most new players don’t know about these, they end up choosing the wrong game and lose money because of their carelessness. 

But don’t worry. Today, we’ve got some tips from British Gambler casino experts on how to enjoy the best slot sites in the UK (such as Mr Play or bet365 Games) the right way. We’ll go over things like how to choose a slot, things to keep in mind when choosing a game, and so much more. So, let’s get started. 

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Understanding Slot Volatility and RTP

You must pick a slot before you can play it, right? There are different factors that you need to look at when choosing a game. Perhaps two of the most important ones are slot volatility and RTP. 

It’s completely normal if you don’t know what these two mean in the context of slots. Let’s start with RTP. 

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RTP stands for Return to Player. It’s a representation of how much money you can expect to win back from a game. The higher this percentage is, the better. 

The standard RTP for most slot games in the industry is 96%. So, if you were to spend £100 on a game, theoretically, you’d win back £96 from the game as you played it. 

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But software providers that created this number did so after doing hundreds of thousands of simulations on their games. For the average player, that is impractical, so you don’t always get what’s advertised. 

Then comes the topic of volatility. This concept tells a player whether he will win often or rarely. To maintain this balance, the payout is adjusted accordingly. So for a high volatility slot, the hits won’t be as often, but the payout will be huge. 

It’s the opposite case for a low volatility slot, so you’ll be paid less, but the hits will come frequently. Before choosing a game, think about what you want and then make your pick. 

Being Responsible

Gaming on slot machines is done at the cost of your real money. That’s why it’s so important to be careful about how you spend your money. No one’s going to do it for you. So you need to take steps to maintain this. 

The most obvious approach is to limit yourself to playing with less money. You can impose personal limits on yourself and force yourself to play with a specific budget.

But if you still feel yourself getting carried away, there are other ways. Casino sites that promote responsible gambling have exclusion features that prevent a player from accessing the website. This really comes in handy when someone is dealing with a gambling problem. 

Slot games also have built-in limiters to help gamblers control themselves. It’s more valuable than you might think, and it can help stop you in your tracks when you get carried away. 

Patience and Moderation

The digital reel machines are based purely on the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm. Without getting too technical, the outcome after every spin is completely random. There’s no way of knowing what the reels would look like before you click the “Spin” button.

So, if it happens to be the case that you don’t find yourself winning at all, don’t lose control. Have patience and stick to the game plan. Increasing your bet value won’t affect the outcome, so if you lose that as well, it won’t be good for you. 

To tackle this, there’s no better way than having self-control. And if you find that hard to do, there’s a solution for that as well. Turn everything off, and take a break. 

Once you’ve calmed down, you can come back and play again. Always remember that you’re controlling the slots and not the other way around. 

Small Bets = Longer Sessions

Which one do you prefer? Bigger wins or more time to play? While some players chase the big wins, most of us visit an online casino to play slots because we’re trying to have fun. 

You don’t need to wager £50 on a single line to have fun. Betting the minimum value is just fine if you only care about playing.  

Triggering the Bonus Rounds

The highlight of playing any slot game is triggering the bonus rounds. This is where the game abandons conventional logic and makes things fun and exciting. 

Typically, it’s during these rounds that a player gets the most out of a single spin. But triggering these rounds can be tricky as you need a lot of luck.
You’ll also need to meet the requirements to start this game mode. The best place for that is the free-play mode that comes with most of the games. Test out the triggering conditions by spinning the reels without spending any money. 

Wrapping Up 

If you keep some of these things in mind, your slots gaming experience will be fun and enjoyable. Just make sure you’re keeping yourself safe by playing at licensed and secure sites.

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