How to Level Up as a Tailor in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Learn how to take your tailoring abilities to the next level in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

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Sooner or later, every player who spends many hours in World of Warcraft comes to the question of his equipment. This often happens during the next defeat from monsters, or the actions of another player. Mages suffer from physical damage more than other classes, and there are only a few ways to close this gap with equipment.

  1. Find a battle group with which you will pump and invest only in weapons, and when the time comes, raiding will bring your magician or healer the long-awaited equipment. The main thing is to have tanks in the group that can hold enemies on them since mages with their damage often become a priority target for opponents.
  2. Read guides and master the profession of a tailor – specialization. which allows you to extract materials from monsters and convert them into thread for the production of magical equipment of various ranks.
  3. Buy wow gold cheapest from the Skycoach service and initially resolve the issue with equipment and weapons and strive to level 60 to send to the Dragon Islands and expand the capabilities of your class. The service guarantees anonymity and the possibility of a refund in case of disputes.
Tailoring profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight
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Basic Information About the Tailoring Profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Tailors are characters who are engaged in a craft related to tailoring fabric products.

What is included in the list of opportunities for tailors:

  • Equipment for attacking and defensive mages.
  • Inventory bags to increase the number of loot slots.
  • Hats and hoods for crafters of other specializations increase the main characteristics.
  • Special threads give sewn equipment a significant increase in magical characteristics.

You should know that without your help and the help of other artisan tailors, many specialists of other professions will not be able to prepare a complete set of equipment to enhance crafting characteristics.

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In the Dragonflight update, all professions got the opportunity to choose a specific specialty – the direction of development of their craft.

What options can you choose:

  1. Passively earn gold by collecting materials from monsters.
  2. Focus on crafting items for artisans, increasing their quality.
  3. Increase the maximum possible quality of magic equipment and increase the chance of creating items of the highest category.

While leveling up your specialization, you will spend knowledge points that are mined on the Dragon Islands. The first values will be easy to get and will allow you to develop one of the three specializations without any problems, but the subsequent ones will be more difficult to strengthen, so think three times before investing points.

As a result, you will be able to develop all three directions, but for each point, it will take up to 7 days to restore the quest, which rewards the knowledge of Dragons, so be patient and move towards your goal of becoming a full-fledged tailor with a cool head.

Characteristics of the Porn Profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Starting with the Dragonflight update, all representatives of the crafting craft of all types have such a concept as characteristics – similar to attacking and defensive professions. The difference is only in the direction and basic capabilities.

Each stat has its own way of leveling, but often these are items of equipment for artisans and talents.

What characteristics can be enhanced:

  • Overproduction
  • Resourcefulness
  • Inspiration
  • Speed


The characteristic of overproduction allows you to get the opportunity to create copies of the item when sewing. The parameter is enhanced by profession talents and various equipment.


Resourcefulness allows you to create items of equipment and tools for the profession with the ability to spend much less than it was originally required for production. It is pumped through craft equipment and profession talents.


Inspiration is a stat with a special mechanic. It allows you to situationally increase the skill parameter of the profession and, by increasing the characteristic, significantly increase the likelihood of creating an item of high and exceptional quality, even if you cannot create such an item with your current skill level.

The chance varies from 15 to 33%.


Speed is not a priority parameter, since it only affects the overall speed of working with materials and creating items. This is not the most useless characteristic, and if you take an hour of time, it can noticeably speed up everything, but globally you should not give it priority attention.

An important point – each characteristic that has a percentage chance of working will carry a notification through the new interface, so you will immediately see both the result and the effect.

How to Upgrade the Tailor Profession in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

The main and main leveling of any type of profession, including tailoring, will begin when you get to level 60 and sail to the new Dragon lands.

First of all, go to the Embassy of the Winged Orphanage and find a teacher for the tailoring profession – it is extremely important for you to pump the profession in parallel with the general development of the character, so as not to waste time in vain.

To continue the growth of the skill of the profession, you need to craft items of your level as before and accumulate knowledge points that will be useful for the development of specialization.

You will receive one knowledge point for each item created for the first time. The rest of the skills will have to be gained through special quests that have a cooldown of 7 days and are mastered over a long period, but it’s worth it – a full-fledged specialist in the tailoring profession will not need gold and is in demand among other players.

Optimal Gear for the Tailoring Profession in the Dragonflight Update

Tailor’s scissors or dragonite or kazurite – depending on the quality, they give an increase to 132 random characteristics and a general increase in tailoring skill. Created by an engineer.

Elemental Weave Jacket or Dragonweave Vestment – Increases inspiration and overproduction skill and gives an increase to the overall tailoring skill. Created by the tailor himself.

A set of dragonite or kazurite needles – increases the parameters of resourcefulness and production speed, as well as the general parameter of the profession. Crafted by a blacksmith.

An important point – you can buy all items of ordinary quality on the marketplace, and a higher rank must be ordered using the order table.

Naturally, you will do your part of the work yourself, but you cannot do without a blacksmith and an engineer.

When you have a complete set, it will be automatically equipped with all potentially useful equipment and removed after the completion of work.