In Fiscal Year 2023, Sony Reportedly Plans to Ship 30 Million PS5 Consoles

By GamesRecon

According to Insider Gaming, sources have reported that during the fiscal year 2023, Sony company intends to ship 30 million PS5 consoles.

That accompanies data the blog uncovered concerning a new removable disc drive for the PS5 and spans 12 months, starting in March 2023 and ending in March 2024. The report states that the production work for this periodic supply will begin in April 2023, with September 2023 scheduled plan for delivery.

Sony has stated that it expects to distribute 18 million units in 2022 and 30.5 million consoles in the fiscal year 2023, representing a rise of about 70% annually. The “old PlayStation 5” will account for 12 million out of these 30.5 million planned units for shipment in FY23, and production of the gaming consoles will end up by the 2023 festive period.

The current pricing differential of $100 between the digital and traditional Playstation 5 could indicate that the removable disc drive would cost similarly.

MST Financial senior analyst David Gibson tweeted earlier today that Sony’s marine exports to the US jumped by 400% in September 2022 compared to September 2021.

According to Sony Interactive, the business had supplied over 21.7 million PS5 consoles by June 2022’s end. Sony may have sold 70 million units through the beginning of FY24 if the corporation meets its targeted sales goals.

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