How to Change Your Voice in Video Games

Having the voice of your desire is true fun when playing your favorite game.

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Communication in video games is important, especially for those esports games, communicate with your teammates effectively is a critical factor in winning the game.

Since it’s an often-used function, you may want to double the fun when chatting with your friends in the game by using a voice changer. And if you are a streamer, using a voice changer during streams can also make the viewers more interested in your channel. Or if you just don’t want to disclose your personal information such as age and gender while playing games, voice changers can also help you with that. Here we will show you how to change your voice in video games.

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Best Real-Time Voice Changers for Video Games

To begin with, you will need a voice changer. Here are 2 free voice changers for you, choose your favorite voice changer and install it before the next step.

  1. Clownfish – Free voice changer that allows you to set the background microphone’s music.
  2. FineShare FineVoice – A simple yet powerful all-in-one AI voice changer with multiple tools including a voice changer, voice generator, voice recorder, etc.

Read this post to find more free voice changers for games: 15 Best Free Voice Changers and Plugins for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

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How to Change Your Voice in CS: GO

Change Your Voice in CS:GO

As a classic FPS game, CS: GO has millions of players, and it’s still one of the most popular esports games after being released for years.

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Unlike the other games, you need to change the setting on the Steam desktop app to make your voice changer work in CS: GO.

Step 1. Log in to your Steam account.

Step 2. Open the friend list and click the setting icon.

Step 3. Choose the Voice tab.

Step 4. Select your voice changer as the voice input device.

How to Change Your Voice in Valorant

Change Your Voice in Valorant

Valorant is an FPS game that combines MOBA elements, which makes it have lots of strategic depth. The game itself is easy to understand but hard to proficient in.

To use a voice changer in Valorant, you need to change the setting in the game.

Step 1. Enter the setting menu in the game.

Step 2. Select the Audio tab.

Step 3. Select the Voice Chat tab.

Step 4. Find the Input Device line and select your voice changer as the voice input device.

How to Change Your Voice in Fortnite

How to Change Voice in Fortnite

Fortnite fantastically blends shooting and building together and makes both of them more interesting than before. Fortnite Battle Royale is definitely the most unique one among all the battle royale games. The voice chat setting can be done in the game menu.

Step 1. Select the menu icon in the game.

Step 2. Select Settings.

Step 3. Select the audio icon to display the audio page.

Step 4. Switch the voice chat input device to your voice changer.

How to Change Your Voice in Minecraft

How to Change Voice in Minecraft

The theme of Minecraft is construction, it offers you a whole world to create anything you want, and you can collaborate with your friends to survive in the game world and build your own home together.

However, Minecraft doesn’t have any built-in voice chat function, it’s recommended to install the Simple Voice Chat mod so you can use a voice changer in the game.

Step 1. Install the mod to your Minecraft game.

Step 2. Open the voice chat GUI by pressing the V key

Step 3. Choose Select microphone and set the voice changer as the input device.

How to Change Your Voice in VRChat

How to Change Voice in VRChat

There’s no competition in VRChat, all you need to do is communicate and interact with players from all over the world in the virtual chat room. Every player in VRChat has an avatar, you can become any characters you want. And a voice changer can help you feel more immersive in this role-playing.

Step 1. Open the system setting panel in the game.

Step 2. Check the Audio Volume setting on the right side.

Step 3. Switch the Microphone below the audio volume to your voice changer.


Whether the purpose of using a voice changer is, always remember to modify your voice in the voice changer before using it in the game. Have fun with the new experience of voice chat.

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