How the Online Gaming Industry Affects Football Stadiums

The rise of esports has revolutionized the way fans interact with their favorite teams and the implications for the future of traditional sports stadiums.

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Representing the heart and soul of a team’s history and culture, football stadiums have always been a central part of this exciting sport. Thanks to the development of the internet and modern technology, football stadiums are influenced by a variety of industries including online gaming and online gambling.

From virtual stadium tours to interactive entertainment for fans, online gaming is changing the way football admirers interact with stadiums. In this post, we take a look at how online gaming and gambling are affecting football stadiums and more generally shaping the future of the world’s most popular sport.

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Virtual stadium tours

Football is a spectator sport that attracts thousands of fans and spectators to the stadiums. Although many people love football for its spectacular goals, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of stadiums for the sport. Serving as a physical space where teams can compete, and fans can gather to watch and cheer them on, stadiums have become a popular tourist attraction.

As many fans cannot physically go to the stadiums, virtual stadium tours are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many online gaming and gambling companies offer virtual tours of football stadiums, allowing fans to explore their architectural features and history, as well as take in the atmosphere of the stadiums from around the world.

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A great example is the virtual stadium tour offered by Manchester City. By joining the virtual tour, you will be able to explore Etihad, The Citizens’ home stadium, through 460-degree panoramic views. With this tour, you not only get to visit the pitch and the stands, but also get a glimpse into the dressing room to see what is commonplace for stadium staff and players, but not for ordinary fans.

The opportunity to see the history of Etihad is another fascinating thing about the virtual stadium tour offered by Manchester City. During the tour, you will see pictures and videos of all the memorable events in the history of the popular British football club.

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Interactive fan experience

Modern technology also offers new ways for fans to interact with football stadia. These include mobile apps that allow fans to take part in surveys in real-time, answer non-biased questions, as well as participate in other activities during football games. This allows you to feel more involved in a football match even if you are not physically at the stadium.

A good example is the Matchday Live app from Tottenham Hotspur FC. With this app, you will always be up-to-date with all the latest news and updates regarding the football team. In addition, it allows you to participate in various polls, for instance, to choose the best player of the match. According to the fans, Matchday Live allows you to create a sense of community and involvement and take the match-viewing experience to a new level.

Online gaming promotion

Today, the virtual gaming industry is making quite an impact on stadium revenues. A good example is online gaming companies’ advertisements shown at stadiums during matches. Designed for different audiences, the ads allow advertisers to reach specific demographics.

A good example is Supponor, a technology company specializing in online advertising in sports broadcasting. Contracted by some of the world’s top football clubs, Supponor runs virtual ads in stadiums during football matches.

Online casino industry and football stadiums

Another thing football stadiums are now integrating and testing is online gambling. It’s a large industry that is arguably more developed than football in Canada. Long known for slots and other RNG-based gambling entertainment, an online casino in Canada now offers live dealer games. For example, a game of blackjack can be played at a football stadium providing players with a similar experience as if they were in the stands while playing.

Evolution Gaming, a pioneer in the live casino games sector, is a company that has taken the idea of combining casino gaming with the football experience to a whole new level. Having signed a contract with the popular Italian football club AC Milan, it is about to launch a live dealer game right in the San Siro stadium. This integration of football stadiums into online casino gaming could be a win-win for both online gambling and the football industry.

Stadiums in sports simulation games

In recent years, online gaming has experienced explosive growth. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, football, and other sports simulation games provide a much more immersive and realistic gaming experience. Through the use of 3D rendering technology, game developers are creating realistic and immersive environments for their games, including the addition of well-detailed football stadiums.

The famous FIFA video game franchise is a good example of this. Developed by EA Sports, FIFA is a popular football simulation game where players can manage their favorite teams and compete in virtual matches. The attention to detail of EA Sports artists in creating virtual replicas of real football stadiums is a highlight of this game. It allows players to experience the atmosphere of different stadiums, including their architecture, seating arrangements, and even the playing surface of the pitch.

Final words

Football stadiums are a vital component of the sport, serving as a physical space where teams can compete and fans can gather to watch and support them. They also have a significant economic impact, attracting tourism, creating jobs, and generating income for the local region.

The integration of football stadiums into online games, including online gambling, promotes the sport and raises awareness of the history and culture of each stadium. As technology continues to evolve, there will be many more exciting and creative ways to integrate football stadiums into online gaming/gambling in the future.

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