House of the Dragon Season 2 Reveals a Shocking Fact About Aegon’s Dream

Jacaerys still unaware about Aegon's A Song of Ice and Fire dream.

By GamesRecon

After the premiere of House of the Dragon Season 2 with its first episode aired on June 16, viewers were treated to a startling revelation that has added more depth to the lore of the Targaryen dynasty. The season kicked off with a big reveal of a long-held secret about Aegon the Conqueror’s prophetic vision, known as Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire dream. This dream which presaged the coming of the White Walkers and the possible extinction of mankind was a very important part of the Game of Thrones and underlined why there was a necessity for a Targaryen to bring the world together to battle against this menace.

Before his death, King Viserys passed this major information to Rhaenyra which is another major development of this dark secret that every Targaryen king and heir has been keeping since Aegon. When Viserys left, Rhaenyra was the only person who possessed this burdening knowledge – until she decided to tell Daemon in the last episode of the show’s first season. But the season 2 opener dropped another bombshell: Rhaenyra has yet to pass this crucial information to her heir, Jacaerys.

Rhaenyra’s Hesitation

Prince Jace Velaryon and Lord Cregan Stark in a snow at the Wall in House of the Dragon season 2

In the cold and bleak North, in a bittersweet moment, Jacaerys Velaryon appears beside Lord Cregan Stark. The two speak, suggesting the true purpose of the Wall as not only a literal wall to prevent Wildlings from crossing but also as a bulwark against “death” with allusions to the Wall-curse kept, leaving Jacaerys in confusion. The fact that Rhaenyra has not already told him about Aegon’s dream just becomes abundantly clear.

This is a damn thing considering how much value Viserys placed on this knowledge being cultivated within the Targaryen bloodline. But with the reign of the Black Queen, the time of chaos began. Right after her coronation, she sent her sons on diplomatic errands and fought the Greens, a cluster of conspiracies vying for power, guarding secrets about her kinship for alliances to secure her reign. The fact of her son Lucerys’s tragic death only added to the emotional and political turmoil, which further puts a delay to this crucial conversation even further.

The Urgency of the Dream

Jacaerys Velaryon and Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 1

With the Targaryen faction—split into Greens and Blacks—spiraling into war, the urgency for Rhaenyra to inform Jacaerys about Aegon’s dream triggers. Her life, constantly under threat from her half-brother Aegon II and the ongoing conflict, carries the additional burden of this ancestral prophecy. If Rhaenyra were to perish without sharing this knowledge, the dream and its dire warnings could die with her, leaving the realm unprepared for the supernatural threats looming beyond the Wall.

The saga of Aegon’s vision serves as a narrative throughline that helps ratchet up the stakes in each episode, a potent reminder that the fate of the Targaryens is inexorably intertwined with the fate of the realm as a whole. But will there be space in Rhaenyra’s day to share this important detail with Jacaerys? Time and the coming episodes of House of the Dragon S2 will tell.

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