Genshin Impact Thoma and Hu Tao Banners Will Be Released in Next Month

A spooky return.

By GamesRecon

The Genshin Impact Thoma and Hu Tao Banners event ‘Moment of Bloom’ will come back upcoming Tuesday, November 2, according to development firm Mihoyo, providing one more chance of earning a 5-star variant of the spooky character. However, most interestingly, the new four-star character Thoma will be made available to the public as well.

For players in North America and Europe, that means 3 PM PST, 6 PM EST, and 5 PM BST for players in the UK and Europe. The event runs from November 2 to October 23 at 14:59 server time, 11:59 AM Pacific Time, 14:59 Eastern Standard Time, and 13:59 BST, as standard.

As of March of this year, the poster for ghost-talking Pyro Hu Tao had already gone viral, thanks in part to Hu Tao’s high single-target damage in Genshin Impact, which ensured that Hu Tao would feature prominently on our leaderboard.

A four-star character, Hu Tao works well with Thoma, but it’s Thoma who makes a splash because they’ve been making an appearance in Genshin Impact like an NPC all month and are now actually available to play. Throughout this banner, four-star characters Saya and Diona will have increased drop rates.

Even though the Labyrinth Warriors event has ended, you can still earn another free Pyro character, Xinyan, as part of it. There is also an ‘Epidemic Invocation’ event happening simultaneously with the main banner, which gives drop-rate improvements on many weapons systems – along with the event’s exclusive five-star Elegy for the End (Bow) and Staff of Homa (Polearm), as well as the four-star weapons Wavebreaker Fin (Polearm) and Moon’s Moon (Polearm) (Bow).

When it comes to free games for PC, Genshin Impact is among the best thanks to the constant flow of new content and interesting side quests.