For Whatever Cause, Minecraft-Puma Collaboration is Coming

By GamesRecon

While the latest The Wild 1.19 update including mud and boats with treasures is a wonderful addition to Minecraft in 2022, something people may not have imagined is a Minecraft-Puma collaboration. Regardless of the lack of pumas in the game, a new character has been unveiled.

Partnerships among video games and businesses can take several forms. Fortnite, the king of crossovers, has worked with brands as diverse as Naruto and Radiohead. The famous battle royale game has also partnered with fashion houses and art galleries.

It’s not as common for Minecraft, despite its popularity, to execute official collaborations as often as Fortnite does, while the building game has worked with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog in the past as well. New cooperation between the official Minecraft Twitter account and German design business Puma has been launched. Puma is well recognized for its footwear and sportswear lines.

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It’s also unclear exactly what this Minecraft-Puma collaboration will involve; the tweet just mentions that it will be “coming soon” and adds that the group “can’t just wait to disclose further”. Real-world Puma clothes with Minecraft characters isn’t right now — or when it will be available, for that matter.