Finding the Best Slot Games in the US: An In-depth Guide

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Video slots like any other real money casino games you can play in NJ and other US states with klegal online gambling come in a myriad of themes and features that can change the gameplay drastically. That’s why choosing one to play becomes a big challenge if you don’t know where to begin.

This article will look at slot games and how to choose the ones that are best for your needs. This will involve the different factors that you need to take into account in making your decision.

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Theme and Design

When browsing slot games, the first thing you take notice of is the theme of the games. What’s the visual setting of the game? The answer to this question will affect your level of enjoyment when playing the  game.

Slot games come with different kinds of themes from those with mythological settings like Gates of Olympus to even unique alien-themed games like Reactoonz. To choose based on themes, just start browsing through the different options till you land on one that looks and feels great for you.

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Slot Type

Aside from themes, slots differ from each other in another way. There are different sub-genres of the games where the rules of the gameplay often differ greatly. Among the games, you can get regular video slots, megaways, and progressive jackpots.

Megaways is a special kind of slot game where the number of reels goes beyond the norm. Sometimes, there may be additional reels that spin horizontally instead of vertically. The gameplay is also different. But no matter how different it may be, all the rules you need can be found on the paytable page.

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Then there are the jackpot slots. In terms of gameplay, they are similar to regular video reel games. But the difference lies in the reward. In a non-progressive jackpot, you can unlock greater prizes by triggering certain conditions.

But if we’re talking about a progressive jackpot game, then for each spin that you lose, a portion of your bet is added to the prize pool. These slots come with a jackpot combination that you’ll need to trigger in order to get the prize.

However, due to the nature of the prizes, the volatility for these games is usually high. So, if you’re expecting to win too often in these games, you’ll be disappointed.

Bonus Features

About bonus rounds, there’s a range of things that you need to consider. In fact bonuses are what make slots one of the best games to play. We discuss Some of the bonus features you’ll find during the bonus rounds:

Free Spins

This is the bonus feature that’s available in all games and can be triggered by getting Scatter symbols on the reel. These are special symbols that have different payout values for the coins.

The number of free chances that you get from this bonus varies between the different games. In some cases, you may get 10, in others, 20. Some games can offer different amounts depending on the number of Scatters you get.

A majority of the games also give players the option to refresh their free spins when they get special symbols. So, if everything goes well, you could potentially spin the reels for a long time in a single round.


This is an alternative to the bonus feature that we talked about earlier. The re-spin mechanism allows players to spin once after they land a winning combination. Some games have a max cap on how many times this can be activated in succession. Otherwise, there’s no limit to how many times you can trigger a re-spin.

Expanding Wilds

Wild symbols are a blessing when playing slots, as they replace any other symbol on the reels. It’s great when you need just one symbol to complete a pattern, and you have a Wild symbol in that position.

Expanding Wilds takes things a step further. Typically, they are used during bonus rounds. If someone manages to land a Wild in any winning combination, the result makes the Wilds fill the entire reel. This can create even more chances to land matching combinations with other symbols.

Mobile Compatibility

Video games are fun. But they’re even more enjoyable when there’s an option for cross-play. We’re talking about mobile gameplay, and Slots can just be the perfect game for cross-play.

As these are designed with HTML5, they can be run seamlessly on a computer and a smartphone, and you don’t lose any of the features. The only tradeoff is the screen size of the phone. But it’s a small price to pay when you get the ability to play from anywhere, anytime.


When choosing slots games to play, it’s good to read reviews from some trusted websites first. This will give you an accurate initial impression about what you will get from the games you’re choosing. You’ll also have the chance to read up on any issues that you may need to deal with.

Final Thoughts

Everyone will tell you that choosing the perfect slot is a process of trial and error. It may take you a while before you find one that you really like to play. But with the proper guide and understanding of the factors to consider, things can become a lot easier.

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