Fallout 4’s New Next-Gen Update: High Hopes Meet High Frustrations

Instead of fixing old bugs, it comes with more.

By GamesRecon

As the new Fallout season makes its mark on Amazon, it’s reignited interest in its video game counterpart, particularly Fallout 4, and the player count numbers are breaking records on Steam. But, the latest next-gen update released today might be dimming the newly rekindled enthusiasm for this beloved game. It’s not what the players and the developers themselves should have imagined to happen at this moment when the game’s popularity is reaching new heights.

This update was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, bringing Fallout 4 into the modern gaming era with more great features and optimizations. Yet, what was anticipated as an enhancement has turned out to be a letdown for many. Players have quickly pointed out that the many previous bugs are still there and fixes are far from what was expected. To make things worse, they’ve been greeted with a few new glitches.

One of the more visually apparent issues is textures are disappearing, particularly problematic for the game’s makeshift weapons—these guns are introduced today in this new update. Imagine the surprise of players when they find themselves wielding invisible weapons that shoot nothing more than exclamation marks—a clear signal something went awry.

Bethesda claimed to deliver ultrawide support in the latest next-gen update for Fallout 4, but instead of stepping into a more immersive, widescreen world, players have found themselves looking at what seems like a stretched-out version of the game we all know. It’s far from the sleek, panoramic experience everyone was expecting. And the troubles don’t stop there.

Many players have poured hours into customizing their game through Bethesda’s Creation Club, tweaking everything just so. But after the update, some have found their meticulously tailored saves completely unusable. It’s pretty rough seeing all that hard work go to waste.

The community’s definitely feeling the sting, with one player summing it up pretty well on the Fallout subreddit: “It’s funny that they talk like they care about the modders’ community then drop an almost useless patch for PC and break everything.” It’s a real letdown, especially considering that several bugs squashed by community mods years ago are still there, untouched by this latest update.

And not everyone even got a shot to check out these problems as players with PS Plus were supposed to get this update as part of their subscription, but instead, they hit a paywall. They’ve been told they need to buy the game outright to access the update. Thankfully, Bethesda’s on top of it and looking to fix this mess soon.

You’d think the timing of this update would’ve been perfect, what with the new Fallout TV show boosting interest in the game. This could have been a golden opportunity for Fallout 4 to shine like it did back in the day. But, the way this has been handled? It’s left a lot of players disappointed. Bethesda really needs to step up with a significant and well-thought-out update if they want to make the most of this renewed interest and restore Fallout 4’s reputation.