Diablo Immortal Gets A New Boss Rush Mode

The Helliquary Gauntlet mode will push you to your limits and beyond.

By GamesRecon

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal mobile ARPG has just announced its latest update, which is set to enable players to take on a series of consecutive raid bosses, providing they meet the requisite criteria, and there are some enticing rewards on offer for those who succeed.

Scheduled for release on May 10 in the Americas and May 9 across the globe, the Helliquary Gauntlet mode will put your skills to the ultimate test as you face off against all five raid bosses in one thrilling sequence. But there’s a catch – you must first conquer Catarag, The Strangling Sun, on Hell VIII difficulty to unlock this mode and the rewards for your success are worth the challenge.

Every week, the most skilled ten players will earn the rarest of rewards – temporary access to a coveted avatar frame. But the real glory awaits those who can maintain their spot in the top ten for the entire monthly season – they’ll be granted this prized possession on a permanent basis. Will you rise to the objective and earn your place among the elite few? The Gauntlet awaits… This incentive system is designed to encourage players to push themselves to their limits and compete for the top spot.

In addition to the highly anticipated Helliquary Gauntlet, the latest update to the esteemed Accursed Towers game mode boasts notable modifications. The Tower of Fortitude now grants a 10% increase to Life in Battlegrounds, Challenge of the Immortal, the Rite of Exile, and Shadow Wars, replacing the former 20% boost to PvP damage for the dominant clan.

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Furthermore, the forthcoming period is set to bring about the reappearance of the much-awaited Fractured Plane limited-time event, presenting you with the daunting task of navigating through a 15-level maze with predetermined abilities and equipment. Additionally, the Scorched Sea and Shady Stocks events are slated to resurface, extending you with added prospects to secure rewards by completing daily objectives.

The latest update on May 10th marks the beginning of Diablo Immortal’s 13th season and the inclusion of a new battle pass. These updates and additions are sure to excite and motivate players to continue their journey through the immersive world of Diablo Immortal.