Coin Master Events: A Guide to Game-Changing Rewards

Boost your gameplay vibes with these cool events.

By GamesRecon

One of the most lucrative ways to enhance your Coin Master gameplay is by participating in the events. Events in Coin Master help you gather all the prizes you can use throughout your game and leave behind your competitors. The game hosts various events, all of which are rewarding in one way or another. Some of these events may offer you coins, and 50,000 spins, while others can be grander, offering you up to the creation of a new village, great discounts to improve existing buildings, and much more.

Here is everything about Coin Master Events and how to find them.

How to Find About the Upcoming Events on Coin Master?

It is impossible to know when the upcoming events will take place as many of them come as a surprise. Our advice would be to keep checking your emails from time to time and keep updating Coin Master frequently to find one. When the time-limited event is live, you will see it appearing on the main screen. Here are the steps to follow:

  • An event pop-up will show up with which you can see how you can earn progress and which rewards await.
  • Spin for a chance at getting the themed icons or action items required to progress toward the next great reward.

What are the Popular Coin Master Events?

Coin Master Events are great in number and keep on appearing from time to time. As they are available only for a limited time, we advise you to be quick enough to participate in them. With events, you can get a chance to earn more coins, cards, spins, pet treats, and more. Here are the most popular ones.

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Attack Madness

Each attack on the opposing Viking Village will help you earn rewards. You must complete more difficult tasks to win great prizes.

Balloon Frenzy

One of the easiest events, all you need to do here is to pop balloons that pass by your village to earn rewards.

Bet Blast

In this event, you can make higher bets, raid with friends, take on your competitors, and earn greater rewards.

Cards Boom

Every chest rewards the players with 50 percent more cards. You can get three cards with wooden chests, six with golden chests, and twelve with magical chests.

Coin Craze

As the name suggests, you can participate in this event and receive an additional multiplier to your coins, and your spin button turns to gold. You can utilize these extra coins for spins, raids, and attacks.

Cards for Chests

Trade your duplicate cards for chests and receive spins, pet XP, pet treats, and cards. It is one of the best events to participate in.

Gift Master

In this event, you can buy coins or spin packs with the gift icon and receive bonus goodies such as coins, chests, pet food, pet XP, or spins.

Gold Card Trade

You need to finish your card collections by trading two of your gold cards appearing in the pop-up.

Raid Madness

In this event, you have to raid the opposing Viking Village. With each raid, you will earn rewards.

Sea of Fortune 

This event requires heading out to the sea and watching out for the octopi. As you land on each island, you can choose from the four boxes. While three of them contain a prize, one includes the octopus.

Set Blast 

This event requires completing card sets to earn rewards.

Special Events

Coin Master also hosts special events where you can attack and raid your fellow Vikings for a chance to spin three themed icons and eventually earn rewards.


The Coin Master Tournament is a multiplayer event where you can compete against your friends to win big. This event brings a lot of fun to the table. You can also participate in the Tournament Milestone to win all the bonuses and goodies.

Viking Quest 

In this event, you have to complete ten missions. With the completion of each mission, you win rewards.

Village Mania 

Build up your village, and the game will give you amazing discounts to enhance your gameplay.

Village Master

With every village you complete, Coin Master will offer you some great rewards. The further you advance, the better rewards you will receive.

All these popular events give you an amazing chance to upgrade your game by leaps and bounds. Thus, why wait? Participate in these events and make the most. All the best.

Final Words

These events offer a variety of rewards, from coins and spins to new villages and discounts. While you can’t predict when events will happen, checking your emails and frequently updating Coin Master is a good strategy. Popular events, like Attack Madness, Balloon Frenzy, and many more, provide ample opportunities to earn valuable in-game resources. Don’t wait – join these events and supercharge your Coin Master adventure.