Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Old But Gold

Follow our Black Ops 4 guide to relive the old glory moments.

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Are you looking for an old title that is worth playing? You should take a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Despite having been released in 2018, the multiplayer first-person shooter game by Treyarch still packs a punch. It is a sequel to Black Ops 3, released in 2015, and the 15th entry in the Call of Duty series.

There are several things that make Black Ops 4 better than the three other titles in the series. Here are some of these features:

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  • It is the first mainline Call of Duty game without the single-player campaign mode.
  • The multiplayer mode is the first to not feature automatic health regeneration. Instead, it features new ballistics systems and predictive recoil.
  • This game features Specialist HQ, a mode that focuses on the backstories of the major characters. The missions feature what happens in Black Ops 2 and 3.
  • Unlike past Call of Duty games, this one uses from Blizzard and not the popular Steam platform on Windows.
  • The multiplayer mode is also called “career mode” and offers some great focus on team effort when planning battles.

Players who purchase the special edition of the title, called “Special Pass,” get to enjoy three zombie experiences. The locations of the maps in Black Ops 4 include a gladiatorial arena in Roman Egypt, the RMS Titanic, and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. It is also the first game to introduce a battle royale mode that it calls Blackout. This mode has up to 100 players for each match.

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The Gameplay

Here are the main features of the game.

The Return of the Specialists

The main feature of this title is the multiplayer mode, which features the return of the specialists. These unique soldiers come with special traits and abilities that play a part in driving the direction of the play. There were ten specialists included at the launch of the game. Six of them were returning soldiers from Black Ops 3.

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However, unlike the earlier titles, Black Ops 4 only allows two new soldiers to join any rank. This is done to emphasize the roles of the characters. Four other specialists were allowed to join the ranks a little later. These also came with new equipment and weaponry.

The Specialist Headquarters is a solo mode that features a few short tutorials, each featuring the back stories of each specialist in the game. The game sets missions within the storylines of other Black Ops campaigns, among which are the events in titles 2 and 3 of the series.

A Reworked Multiplayer Mode

If you played the initial game, the multiplayer mode has since been reworked to give it a more tactical feel and team focus. This feature makes it better than it was at launch. When it is added to the new weaponry, it has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the missions.

As explained earlier, the game lacks automatic health regeneration. In its place, it features a manual healing system where each player has a health bar on the controls. You have to keep checking the health of your soldiers throughout the game.


This release also gives weapons predictive recoil patterns and adds a ballistics system. The feature enables them to use both projectile and hitscan damage. Earlier titles just employed hitscan damage. The game also allows players to customize their weapons to meet different goals. It also gives tiers for weapon attachments. Tier-2 upgrades provide improvements to each weapon.

There are also weapons that give Operator Mods. These mods change how the weapon works by giving it more power, better precision, and greater range. However, these mods cost a significant portion of the slots that are offered per class. You can also implement a new gear slot in create-a-class, where you can select a powerful item such as Body Armour.


You will find zombies in a cooperative multiplayer mode in Black Ops 4. Here, you will get the chance to customize characters and play styles. You can customize the mechanics of the game via “Custom Mutations,” which include over 100 variables.

Some of these variables include the zombie’s health, overall difficulty, speed, and damage caused. There are also time-limited engagements called “callings” that are included in this mode. The game also retains some custom features, such as those that were included in Call of Duty: WWII, such as the ability to select various starting equipment, special upgradable equipment, and the perk selection for each match.

There is more; the game added another event called Rush. This game allows players to build points and multipliers with which to compete with other players for the higher point clusters at death. In this mode, there are also several consumables called Elixirs. They give players a temporary buff when activated. You can also use special modifiers called Talismans at the start of each game.

You will get five elixirs at the start of the game. However, only the Classic one, which is the start, would be activated at the start. The rest can only be crafted using in-game currency. A similar thing happens to talismans. The three locations explained above are also played in zombie mode.

There are many more amazing features in Black Ops 4 that will give you a good nostalgic feel, even if it has been years since it was released. It has smooth gameplay and is easy for both beginners and experienced players to get into the rhythm, even without some experience in a similar game.

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