Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Dedicated Video Game Hosting Service

Gain a better understanding of how a dedicated hosting service can impact your gaming experience.

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Most multiplayer games today and game servers use dedicated hosting services for far superior gaming. A dedicated server is a fully remote server that doesn’t require any direct input from its owners. They are managed by hosting providers and server owners are left with just administrative tasks. Maintenance of hardware, storage, data backups, software updates, and the like are mostly done by providers. It may sound like the perfect hosting solution that everyone should go for, but like other options, it has both benefits and drawbacks. Before you decide to open up a dedicated server, you should first see if it fits the bill.


24/7 Uptime and Stable Gameplay

When it comes to indulging in online gameplay, one factor that can make or break your experience is server stability. Opting to play on a dedicated server can ensure a smoother and more reliable experience, thanks to top-of-the-line hardware and a fast network. What’s more, these servers are connected to strategically placed data centers that operate around the clock, so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay whenever you want. These data centers utilize advanced systems, such as cooling mechanisms and backup generators, to keep the servers running optimally and prevent any hiccups due to traffic spikes, power outages, or overheating.

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High Performance

Dedicated game servers use the latest hardware that can support even the newest games that are pretty resource-intensive. You can get higher frames per second (FPS) since all performance factors are handled by your provider. Dedicated servers can handle more CPU usage and produce better load times thanks to higher amounts of RAM. Having a high-speed network also adds to the equation since network speed directly affects ping and ping affects FPS.

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Playing on dedicated servers is more secure than using other hosting solutions. First of all, there is a smaller chance for viruses or malware to make their way into the servers because there are no other applications installed in the system besides the hosted games. Dedicated servers are heavily secured with anti-malware software, firewalls, and DDoS protection among other types of security features. Lastly, automatic backups are also performed by the provider to ensure that data loss can easily be reversed.


Dedicated servers are highly customizable compared to shared servers. You, as the server host can decide what features will be included in your server. You can choose how much RAM you’ll have, the amount of bandwidth that will be allotted for your server, or what processor will be used to power your server. You also have the power to add mods, install plugins, addons, and whatnot. After renting a server, you are given the option to upgrade features along the way.

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Dedicated servers are expensive. They’re not ideal for casual Sunday gaming with friends. Running one will require you to have a stable source of income to pay for monthly fees and occasional upgrades/addons.

If you ever thought about giving DIY dedicated server hosting a try, it’ll even be much pricier. Building a dedicated server at home will bring about some serious costs including network, hardware, storage, and regular maintenance (software and hardware). Going for a rental and building your dedicated server at home are both expensive options compared to other hosting solutions.

High Level of Responsibility

Your duties as the server host don’t end with configuring and setting up your server. As the server host, you’re responsible for a long list of things including:

  • Administrative tasks – you’re responsible for keeping your server orderly and free from toxic players that may ruin the fun for everyone.
  • Security – you should also keep an eye out for cyber attackers and DDoS attacks. Installing security software is a must.
  • Perform regular game updates


Successfully opening up your game server is all about having the right information. If you’re a complete beginner, you should take your time researching all the hosting solutions available – their pros, cons, and which one fits you best. Dedicated servers are a huge responsibility and you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of renting one if you can’t sustain it in the long run. They provide all the best features that a server host can wish for but the biggest downside is the cost.

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