Are there White Walkers in House of the Dragon Season 2?

Hints suggest their presence in lore and dreams.

By GamesRecon

Will we see the White Walkers in House of the Dragon Season 2? Game of Thrones is a series with a rich backstory and mysteries, and few of them are eerier than that of the White Walkers. There are still times as fans, that we continue to wonder that these cold ones will come back one day. In the world of Westeros, the threat of the White Walkers has always been the kind of threat that haunts people. But will they appear in the prequel series House of the Dragon? We’d love it to make a dramatic resurgence, but it’s looking very doubtful.

What’s Been Hinted At in the House of the Dragon So Far?

An Image from House of the Dragon season 2

Cregan Stark of Winterfell talks about the dire threats from the North in a scene from House of the Dragon Season 2. He uses the word “death” itself, a not-so-subtle reference to the cruel White Walkers. Yet it’s important to stress that at this point of the timeline, the White Walkers exist but they also are not marching south.

This brings us to the intriguing part of the timeline. The events of House of the Dragon are happening almost 200 years before the icy mayhem we witnessed in Game of Thrones. The White Walkers were very much a part of the ancient stories, defeated in the legendary Battle for the Dawn that ended the Long Night. Post that epic showdown, they kind of, well, present in the Lands of Always Winter. They were there, possibly in some form of hibernation or just biding their time, building up their forces.

There’s also the captivating aspect of White Walker lore—the creation of wights by the Children of the Forest some 8,000 years before House of the Dragon. These creatures were initially intended to protect the Children from the First Men, but as we know, things didn’t go as planned.

Do White Walkers Appear in House of the Dragon Season 2?

White Walkers in House of the Dragon Season 2

The series, while primarily focused on the conflicts of the Targaryens and their Dance of the Dragons, has these subtle threads tied to the White Walkers. We see references, like Stark’s mention of the Wall’s purpose and Aegon’s dream about a Song of Ice and Fire. Rather than just random mentions—these are the crucial facts, hinting at a danger that’s integral to the entire saga of Westeros.

Interestingly, there were some set photos for House of the Dragon that sparked speculation about wights making an appearance. Could this mean we’ll see some undead action? Maybe in visions or dream sequences, as that seems more plausible at this stage in the storyline.

The presence of White Walkers, while not front and center, is an essential backdrop in House of the Dragon. Whether or not they physically appear, they are parts of the story that make decisions or foretell the actions of key characters.

Although the White Walkers might not be parading into House of the Dragon with a single touch of frostiness, they are present nonetheless. Their presence becomes controlling the storyline demonstrating the notion that in Game of Thrones, the past leaves a shadow that becomes a part of the future.