Apex Legends Recently has its Highest-ever Steam Player Count

Respawn's popular battle royale shooter continues to dominate the gaming industry.

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Apex Legends, Respawn’s battle royale shooter, has achieved an all-time record for concurrent players on Steam. The impressive feat of players logging in at the same time is a testament to the game’s popularity and staying power. The launch of Apex Legends Season 16 has been a resounding success, with an unprecedented number of concurrent players on Steam, reaching 610,433 on February 15th. This marks a remarkable milestone for Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play game, as it continues to attract more and more players.

This impressive figure is a testament to the popularity of this battle royale title and is a great sign for the future of the Apex Legends franchise. It shows how successful the company has been with the game over the years and the excitement that this new season has generated among veteran and casual gamers alike. The addition of new characters, weapons, events, and other content has provided plenty of reasons for players to keep coming back and engaging with the game.

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Season 16 of Apex Legends is called the ‘Revelry’, and the number of players has skyrocketed, beating any other season since its launch on Steam. A peak of 511,676 simultaneous players was recorded at the start of Season 14 – but nothing compared to what we’re seeing now. The developers have put in a lot of effort to make this season the most engaging yet, and so far it has paid off incredibly well.

The arrival of the team deathmatch mode in the new season has generated a lot of excitement and interest around Apex Legends on Steam. The 6v6 team deathmatch is an interesting twist on the classic 3v3 arena that was featured previously. Additionally, the new Mixtape mode offers users a chance to experience a range of limited-time game modes. The variety and novelty of these game modes likely explain why people are so eager to try them out.

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The peak happened on February 15 around 6 a.m. PST, 9 a.m. EST, and 2 p.m. GMT after the launch of Season 16 of Apex Legends on the PC platform. This season is different from previous ones in that it focuses more on changing and redefining the existing classes rather than introducing something fresh. These changes were intended to help players better understand and define their roles within the game, which apparently had a positive effect as witnessed by the numbers shortly afterward.

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