According to Reports, Dragon Age 4 Will Not Release in 2022

By GamesRecon

Dragon Age 4 isn’t expected to release this year, as per renowned leaker Tom Henderson and GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, both of whom have indicated in confirming reports that the game still is a ways away off.

A clear statement from Grubb, “sources close with the epic role-playing adventure indicate the title is now on pace for launch in 2023,” suggests we won’t hear something regarding the game till later this year, possibly at E3, Summer Games Fest, or The Game Awards.

Criterion’s upcoming Need for Speed game is rumored to take the place left by Dragon Age 4 and give EA a major expansion to look forward to.

As previously mentioned by Tom Henderson, EA “expects Need for Speed by Criterion Games will arrive in September/October 2022.” For Criterion Games to assist in the production of Battlefield 2042, progress on this game was stopped in the summer 2021, according to Henderson’s sources.

EA’s lineup was already leaking according to Henderson, who said that “everything is set in motion for unveiling the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game from Respawn Entertainment.” According to Henderson, the game will be released in the fourth quarter of the current year and a revelation on May 4th “now appears extremely probable.”